Doorbell Trouble Shooting

The doorbell push buttons are replaceable and are manufactured from a certified supplier. You were given an extra push button with your purchase. Modish Metal Art is not a certified electrician, however with the experience over the years of making and using the doorbells, here are some problems with simple solutions for you to consider if problems arise. A Doorbell Replacement Push Button can be purchased if needed.

PROBLEM: The button keeps sticking.
1. Ensure the doorbell has been installed correctly. There needs to be clearance directly behind the push button into your exterior. If you have jammed it up against the exterior and it now sits out from the plate, it will become misaligned as it is pushed and over time will damage the brass tabs internally. This button should no longer be used. A Surface Mount Spacer Plate is available to purchase to match your doorbell and finish if you find you need one to recess the push button properly.

2. There may be a build up of dirt between the 2 moving parts. This can happen over time and most often in the springtime when there is extra dust in the air or you have recently washed down your house. If you have installed on stucco or Hardie Board, it can create a fine dust during installation that may get into the push button. 

3. Extreme cold temperatures can make the plastic shrink temporarily.

Give it a shot of recommended lubricant spray.
This is a quick and easy fix. Modish Metal Art recommends WD-40 Dirt and Dust Resistant Dry Lube PTFE Spray. This will repel future build up of dirt and may need it once a year. Not to be confused with regular WD-40. No other lubricant is recommended, as it may react with the plastic and render the button unusable. 

PROBLEM: Light does not work but button still works.
Most likely the bulb has burnt out. LED lights are made to last for a very long time. Moisture can affect their lifespan or the voltage your transformer is putting out is too high or spiking. If your chime is musical and requires a diode, it is also used to light up the button. Refer to the Doorbell Installation Instructions for more information. The button may need to be replaced.

PROBLEM: The push button doesn't work at all.
1. Check your connections. Make sure they have not come loose, are not touching the other wire, or the aluminum plate.

2. Your transformer is a little metal box somewhere in your house (basement or attic) that converts the power to low voltage at your button. If this is no longer working, it will need to be replaced. If the button was stuck for an extended period of time, it can burn out your transformer. 

If the push button does not function after trouble shooting, order a Replacement Push Button.