Wireless Converter Installation

How to make a Modish Metal Art wired doorbell into Wireless with a converter and chime.

To use a Modish Metal Art doorbell wirelessly, a converter and a pairable chime is needed. They are both Honeywell products and will need to be purchased separately.  These products can be installed by yourself.

Wireless Converter:
Honeywell Wired to Wireless Doorbell Adapter Converter  - RPWL4045A
Amazon.ca, Honeywellstore.com, Amazon.com

Wireless Compatible Chimes:
Decor Wireless Series Compatibility E, or Series 3, 5, or 9. There are many styles to choose from in the Décor series. Chimes can be purchased at local hardware stores or online. 

The converter will be wired to the back of the push button and sit on the inside of your wall opposite where you choose to mount the button on the exterior. The converter may end up beside your doorframe, in a closet, heated garage, etc. (It must be where it doesn’t get below freezing.)  You will have to drill a small hole through the wall to connect.  The converter sends the signal to the chime when the button is pushed.  The button will not be lit as it is battery powered, compared to hard wired.  The system works quite well and claims to have a range of about 300-350 ft.

The converter kit DOES NOT include the bell wire needed to install the system.  I will provide 10” of 18-gauge bell wire with the purchase of your Modish Metal Art doorbell, if you let me know you will be ordering this system.