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Modish Metal Art

Doorbell Replacement Push Button

Doorbell Replacement Push Button

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Doorbell buttons are a press fit and can be pushed out easily for replacement. Available in the brushed aluminum and patina finishes.  Buttons are white LED lit. ISO 9001, CE, ROHS compliant and are pretested.  Rated for 8-24 volts.


Each decorative doorbell plate order now includes an extra push button. If you have a harsh environment, you may need to replace it sooner. Check out the doorbell maintenance video for trouble shooting first.


If your doorbell finish is brushed aluminum (silver) choose Brushed Aluminum for your push button.  If your doorbell finish is black or bronze patina, choose Patina for your push button replacement.

If you purchased a Modish Metal Art doorbell plate before 2015, your replacement button may look slightly different, as our supplier has changed. However, the button size is standard and will fit into your doorbell plate.

Replacement buttons are for Modish Metal Art customers that have previously purchased a decorative plate. There is no warranty on replacement push buttons. 

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